Executive committee

Admin, Interns and Other Roles


  • Joanna Helfer – Impact Officer, Administrator, Web Editor January - September 2019


  • Nathan Kirkwood VR Adminstrative Assistant - October 2018 - February 2019
  • Lauren Murray - Psychology Intern - January - September 2018

Postdoctoral researchers

Current postdocs

Former postdocs

Postgraduate research students

Current students

Former students

  • Rashida  Ahmed (Philosophy)
  • Carole Baillie (Philosophy)
  • Ariel Cecchi (Philosophy)
  • Stuart Crutchfield (Philosophy)
  • John Donaldson (Philosophy)
  • Andrew MacGregor (Philosophy)
  • Katherine Meadowcroft (Philosophy)
  • Abraham Sapién-Córdoba (Philosophy)
  • Sheena McAnulla (Philosophy)
  • Joaquim Giannotti (Philosophy)

Affiliate faculty (at the University of Glasgow)

Affiliate faculty (furth of Glasgow)

For a list of present, previous, and forthcoming visitors to the Centre, see our news and events page.