Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience Research Seminar

The PPN Research Seminar is a joint endeavour to promote interdisciplinary discussion between Philosophy and Psychology, and to communicate research carried out in both departments.

Venue: Seminars will take place in either the Reid Room, Philosophy Level 4, 67 Oakfield Avenue, 4–6pm, and in the Psychology Level 6 Meeting Room or Level 5 Seminar Room, 58 Hillhead Street, 4–6pm, unless otherwise noted (see below).

All students, staff and visiting researchers are welcome to attend.

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Research Seminar 2018/19

Research Seminar 2018/19

24 September 2018 Paul Noodhorf (York)
8 October 2018 Angel Garcia Rodriguez (Murcia)
22 October 2018 Roland Fleming (Giessen)
15-17 November 2018 Depiction, Pictorial Experience, and Cognitive Science Conference
14 January 2019 Aaron Meskin (Leeds)
21 January 2019 Clotilde Calabi (Milan)
4 February 2019 Raamy Majeed (Aukland)
18 March 2019 Heather Logue (Leeds)
13 May 2019 Henry Taylor (Birmingham)

AHRC logoThis year’s seminars are jointly sponsored by the Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology, and the CSPE.

Organised by Dr Derek Brown