Shortlisted in the Times Higher Education Awards 2020

Issued: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 12:50:20 GMT

Our three-dimensional molecular visualisation software for experiential learning through virtual reality was shortlisted in the Technological or Digitial Innovation of the Year category in the Times Higher Education Awards 2020.

The software is one of ten exemplars on, Edify, that we at the CSPE developed in conjunction with Sublime. It uses virtual reality and video conferencing to enable accessible, immersive and engaging (in our case educational) experiences. Educators can demonstrate concepts in virtual laboratories, spaces or worlds while students interact and observe. Edify delivers remote VR experiences (from our original VR Project Mobius) - to allow students with no VR kit (such as a VR headset) to see what a teacher is seeing through their VR headset, via existing video-conference software, such as Zoom or Teams. We call it “VR by proxy”.