Translating Russian and East European Cultures (TREEC)

Translating Russian and East European Cultures (TREEC)

TREEC was established in 2011, receiving funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Research Networking funding initiative.

 The TREEC project aims to explore critically the multiple ways in which Russian and East European cultures are translated, constructed and narrated within the multidisciplinary and multicultural context of Russian, Central and East European Studies.


  • To examine how understandings of Russian and East European cultures are communicated and translated across disciplinary, linguistic and academic-end user boundaries.
  • To consider the potential for Area Studies to facilitate innovative means of knowledge exchange given its multidisciplinary basis, training and practices both between disciplines as well as across academic-end user boundaries and cultural divides.
  • To develop and trial a range of dissemination techniques and practices drawing from expertise within both academic and non-academic contexts.
  • To encourage the involvement of end user communities (school children, general public, local / national government representatives, non-governmental organisations) at all stages of the initiative.

For further information, please visit the TREEC website.