Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

Richard Berry is Director of CRCEES. Professor Berry was head of the Department of Central and East European Studies from 1999-2006. CEES is a 5* department with ESRC and AHRC recognition. He is also Dean of Graduate Studies and Chair of the Board of Management of Europe-Asia Studies and a member of the editorial board. He has served as an assessor for the ESRC on the Area and Development Studies 1+3 recognition exercise.

Dr Clare McManus is Co-Director of the Centre and has extensive experience of managing postgraduate training programmes. Clare is also the College International Lead (Social Sciences Colleges Senior Management) and her area of specialism is democratization in Central Europe especially Poland; Poland within the European Union; regionalism in Poland.

Ann Mulholland is the CRCEES Administrator appointed in October 2006 when the Centre first opened in the University.  Ann is responsible for the day to day running and financial  administration of the Centre and in the organisation of its very large programme of events and conferences.  Ann joined the University in 1983 and has been mainly employed in the administration of research centres/programmes.

All of the CRCEES partner institutions are represented on the Executive Management Group. The Management Group also includes a representative from the Non-Academic Users' Advisory Board, a student representative and a postdoctoral representative. This group meets 6-8 times a year and are in frequent email contact between meetings. It is responsible for strategy, finance, allocation and monitoring of awards and student progress.

An International Advisory Board includes representatives from partner institutions in the region. A Non-Academic Users' Advisory Board brings together key stakeholders from among policy-making bodies, public organisations, business communities and cultural institutions. These advisory boards meet annually and receive reports from the Executive Management Group regarding CRCEES activities and achievements.