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Slice N Dice: a data wrangling e-learning project

It’s not only computer science students who need to learn programming. Increasingly, undergraduates from all across STEM and beyond are asked to conduct their data analyses programmatically. To experiment with ways of getting beginners up and running with data scientific programming quickly, Lovisa Sundin, a PhD-student at the CCSE, has developed an e-learning mini-course called Slice N Dice ( It is completely browser-based (Chrome/Firefox) and only takes about four hours to complete, at the end of which you will be comfortable reformatting data in either Python or R. You will also receive an e-book containing syntax cheat sheets in both languages. Why not sign up today and have a go?

An educator or researcher yourself? You’re very welcome to use Slice N Dice as part of your course – it is designed to slot easily into an existing course as either homework or a laboratory exercise. Contact Lovisa at for any inquiries.