What is Glasgow Biomedicine?

‌Established in 2003, Glasgow Biomedicine was initially a joint initiative between the University of Glasgow and NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHS GG&C). The partnership has now expanded to include the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Caledonian University, the University of the West of Scotland and the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.

Photo of the BHF & Biomedical Centres‌Glasgow Biomedicine brings together the all the partner stakeholders creating an integrated, interdisciplinary center of excellence for the management and execution of both non-commercial and commercial clinical trials research.

Glasgow’s bidirectional translational infrastructure, bridging scientific, clinical and other disciplines, places it in an extremely strong position to respond to any future needs and changes in clinical trials.

The partnership’s existing research expertise includes world class strength in:

  • Research Imaging
  • Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences
  • Cancer
  • Infection, Immunity and Inflammation
  • Neuroscience and Psychology
  • Social Sciences and Health economics
  • Paediatric Medicine

This great breadth of expertise, coupled with well-established clinical and research governance systems, and sound operational and management frameworks ensures Glasgow Biomedicine offers coordinated, interdisciplinary, timely and cost-effective solutions in clinical trials research.

Glasgow Biomedicine facilitates and supports the initiation of over 600 new trials per annum and typically manages the on-going operation of around 1500 trials in a given year, with an average spend of £15.5M per annum executing such clinical research.

How do we achieve this?

Key Location
Image of clinical researcherThe nature of clinical research is changing as a result of the translational paradigm for drug development, as well as more personalised approaches to treatment in medical practice, which depend on the genetic makeup of each patient. Numerous investments have established Glasgow as a world-leading centre for precision medicine and include:

These investments further strengthen the offering that Glasgow Biomedicine brings to clinical research in the UK and abroad by adding to existing infrastructure: