CSO Chief Scientist Office

Diabetes UK

  • Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Diabetes Risks and Outcomes In UK. Professor Naveed Sattar is leading the collaborative work on this grant which will highlight areas of diabetes care that need urgent attention to reduce risk of complications/inform strategies for future pandemics. See the project page for more information. 


  • EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account. “Cardiac endotypes in COVID-19: quantification and mechanisms of cardiac injury”. Xiaoyu Luo, Nicholas Hill, Colin Berry, Kenneth Mangion, Hao Gao, Dirk Husmeier. Award - £48,304, for 12 months from 1 January 2021.

Heart Research UK


  • ReDIRECT:Remote Diet Intervention to Reduce long Covid symptoms Trial. Professor Naveed Sattar is co-applicant on a major new trial looking at potential treatments for long COVID through dietary interventions. PI is Dr David Blane of IHW. Award total - £999,679


  • PHOSP-COVID: Post-hospitalisation COVID-19 study: a national consortium to understand and improve long-term health outcomes. Professor Colin Berry is a partner in the £8.4million PHOSP-COVID Study which will investigate the physical and mental health impacts of hospitalised patients. Patients on the study will be assessed using techniques such as advanced imaging, data collection and analysis of blood and lung samples, creating a comprehensive picture of the impact COVID-19 has on longer term health outcomes. Follow PHOSP-COVID Study updates on Twitter.


  • The COVID-HEART Study: Demographic, multi-morbidity and genetic impact on myocardial involvement and itsrecovery from COVID-19. Professor Colin Berry is Co-I on the COVID-HEART Study which, using an MRI scan of the heart, aims to investigate how often, and in what way, the heart becomes damaged, and how the heart recovers 6 months later. Award - £775,096

Wellcome Trust ISSF

  • Developing COVID19 inhibitor peptides of the ACE2 – Spike Protein complex. Congratulations to PhD Student Connor Blair from the Baillie Lab on being awarded this Wellcome Trust ISSF grant and who is leading the project. For more information, see the project page. 
  • ACE2 signalling and host responses to SARS-CoV-2 in vascular cells - implications in cardiovascular toxicities in COVID-19. Congratulations to Dr Augusto Montezano on being awarded this grant and who is leading this collaborative project. 
  • A vascular biology sub-study nested in the Cardiovascular Imaging in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) (CISCO-19) project. Congratulations to Dr Kenneth Mangion on being awarded this grant and who is leading the sub-study. Mangion K, Nicklin S, Touyz RM, Berry C. Award 312029-01 - £10,000 1.8.20 – 31.1.21
  • Effects of Type I and Type III IFN on ACE2 and the immune response in vascular cells: implications in SARS-CoV-2 infection. Congratulations to Dr Francisco Rios on being awarded this grant and who is leading the project. 
  • Host Mitochondria dysfunction by viral hijacking as a key pathogenicity mechanism in COVID-19. Congratulations to Dr Ian Salt, CoI on this project, led by Prof Kostas Tokatlidis.