Welcome to the Bendable Electronics and Sensing Technologies (BEST) group webpage!


We are a multidisciplinary research group with 30+ PhDs and Postdocs from Engineering (Electronics / Electrical / Mechanical / Chemical / Biomedical), Science (Chemistry, Physics, Materials) and Medicine. With members from over 25 countries, BEST group is truly global. Our research revolves around the development of high-performance electronics and sensing systems on large area flexible substrates. To this end, we use high mobility materials such as silicon and graphene and cost-effective printing techniques. Where needed, we use optimized/tailored state-of-the-art micro/nanofabrication tools. Our research style is to enhance the understanding of the fundamental issues related to flexible electronics, and orient the same towards new applications. In this regard, our flexible electronic skin (eSkin) research closely connects with robotics, healthcare and wearable systems and can enable advance in several other application areas such as rollable sheets of solar cells or bendable photonics.

To learn more, visit our Research page and our Publications page.