5 February 2020: Dr Mark McLay and Dr Dan Scroop

Published: 3 February 2020

The road to face Trump

Wednesday 5 February at 2pm (Main Building, 250 Gilbert Scott)

The road to face Trump
Speakers: Dr Mark McLay and Dr Dan Scroop (Glasgow)

The race to become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee is well under way. Come July, the successful contender will stand on the stage at Milwaukee and accept the formidable task of defeating President Donald Trump.
In this session, Dr Mark McLay and Dr Dan Scroop take a look through the history of primaries in US elections.
They share their most drama-filled and significant past primaries, and seek to answer which previous primary contest offers the most insight into understanding the 2020 presidential race.
Significant time will be put aside for questions, so if you have any interest in understanding the 2020 presidential race then come along and join the discussion.

First published: 3 February 2020