Kodu Kup Winners

Cardross Primary are a school committed to using creative ways to stretch and challenge our pupils.

One of the ways in which we do this is to utilise technologies in as wide a way as possible. This enriches and extends learning. It redefines the learning experience and process for learners and affords success in outcomes. Our pupils are learning to code and programme and extend digital literacy skills, experiences and outcomes. However they are not exclusively for that purpose. Using the SAMR model we are carefully selecting apps which re-define learning. These typically involve learners in highly creative tasks linked to Curriculum for Excellence’s Outcomes and Experiences across subject areas.                                                                                                                                     Pupils from age four upwards are confidently creating their own movies, books and presentations using the devices; enriching their experience of learning and raising standards of quality in outcomes.

An example of our pupils’ success in applying skills in technology and coding, combined with creative skills in storyline and characterisation culminated in recognition at both Scottish and UK level at the MSN Kodu Kups.

Pupils were challenged to design and create a game for others to enjoy using the software package, Kodu.

They had to work together to agree a concept for the game, create the aim and process of the game, agree on the characters and create the environment -  and use coding skills to make it all happen.

Working together, they had to allocate task roles to get everything done.

They had to look at how to market their game and get feedback from client-user groups to gauge success and guide modifications and then they had to be able to present their game and all their findings to judging panels – displaying, not only their technical skills but also their presenting skills.

At the Scottish Kup in June, Cardross Primary were awarded 1st and 2nd places in the Primary category of the competition and went on to be the overall winners.

As winners we travelled to MSN HQ in Reading in July to represent Scotland in the UK Kup and were awarded one of the main awards - the Judges Choice Award – impressing the judges, not only with the level of skill in presentation and concept; but also in coding and programming. The team were able to use complex programming in their game that had even mystified some of the judges!

At Cardross we recognise that skills in digital media and technology are vital for our learners’ futures. They offer opportunities to challenge all children and to stretch our most able learners in a motivating way – oftentimes for relevant, real life contexts.

Strategically planned for, and carefully managed in learning and teaching, mobile devices have the power to transform learning in our schools. Exciting things are happening in Cardross, which we are more than happy to share.

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Elspeth Davis