Alternatives to Spelling

Pilot East Ayrshire


This pack is aimed at pupils who are strong spellers with a wide vocabulary, and who require additional challenge during spelling sessions. However, this pack is more than a spelling programme; much of it is based on word investigations and the study of origins of words etymology).

The material in this pack provides learning opportunities which are particularly appropriate for more able pupils. Features include:

  • only as much instruction as is needed (thus allowing pupils to interpret what is required for themselves).
  • opportunities for pupils to take risks in an organised way, with the facility to fail without threat.
  • an environment in which alternative methods and answers are encouraged.
  • a balance of activities which require work to be done with a sense of urgency and pace as well as some which encourage time to reflect.
  • work set in such a way that creativity and imagination are involved extensively.
  • opportunities for more able pupils to work with like-minded peers.


Enrichments and extension material such as this "Alternatives to Spelling" pack (which has been created specifically for more able pupils) is invaluable because there is a shortage of quality materials for able pupils produced commercially. Working with the resources makes the class teacher more receptive to the accompanying theory and general principles. Teachers can often better understand principles through concrete examples.

It is hoped that this enrichment pack will:

  • promote individuality of response
  • maintain balance between open-ended and closed materials
  • encourage creativity, imagination and lateral thinking
  • answer necessary content but in a challenging way
  • open up opportunities for further development and research
  • give a sense of satisfaction, fulfilment and enjoyment

Below is some more information from the project.

Challenge Cards Overview

Challenge A7& A8 / Tips A7 & A8

Challenge B15 & B16

Challenge C3 & C4