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The Origin of Life research project
Michael J. Russell & Allan J. Hall

University of Glasgow
May 2011

This is a list of papers, by year, for downloading in PDF format. In each case click on the authors. Windows users - use 'right target/link as'. Mac users - use 'click and save'.

Russell, M.J. and Smythe, D.K. 1983.
Origin of the Oslo graben in relation to the Hercynian-Alleghenian orogony and lithospheric rifting in the North Atlantic. Tectonophysics, 94. 457-472. (pdf=1.1Mb)

Boyce, A.J., Coleman, M.L. & Russell, M.J. 1983.
Formation of fossil hydrothermal chimneys and mounds from Silvermines, Ireland. Nature, 306. 545-550. (pdf=690Kb)

Mills, H., Halliday, A.N., Ashton, J.H., Anderson, I.K. & Russell, M.J. 1987.
Origin of a giant orebody at Navan, Ireland. Nature, 327. 223-225. (pdf=430Kb)

Russell, M.J., Hall, A.J., Cairns-Smith, A.G. & Braterman, P.S. 1988.
Submarine hot springs and the origin of life, Nature, 336. 117. (pdf=150Kb)

Russell, M.J., Hall, A.J., & Turner, D. 1989.
In vitro growth of iron sulphide chimneys: possible culture chambers for origin-of-life experiments. Terra Nova, 1. 238-241. (pdf=0.5Mb)

Russell, M.J., Daniel, R.M. and Hall, A.J. 1993.
On the emergence of life via catalytic iron sulphide membranes. Terra Nova 5, 343-347. (pdf=0.5Mb)

Macleod, G., McKeown, C., Hall, A.J. & Russell, M.J. 1994.
Hydrothermal and oceanic pH conditions at 4Ga relevant to the origin of life. Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere, 24. 19-41. (pdf=1.1Mb)

Russell, M.J., Daniel, R.M., Hall, A.J. & Sherringham, J. 1994.
A hydrothermally precipitated catalytic iron sulphide membrane as a first step toward life. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 39. 231-243. (pdf=1.8Mb)

Russell, M.J. and Hall, A.J. 1997
The emergence of life from iron monosulphide bubbles at a submarine hydrothermal redox and pH front. J. Geol. Soc. London, 154, pt 3, 377-402.
(pdf=1.6Mb) This material has been published in the Journal of the Geological Society of London, the only definitive repository of the content that has been certified and accepted after peer review. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by The Geological Society of London.

Russell, M.J., Ingham, J.K., Zedef, V., Maktav, D., Sunar, F., Hall, A.J. & Fallick, A.E. 1999.
Search for signs of ancient life on Mars: Expectations from hydromagnesite microbialites, Salda Lake, Turkey. J. Geol. Soc. Lond., 156. 869-888. (pdf=1Mb)

Zedef. V., Russell, M.J., Hall, A.J. & Fallick, A.E. 2000.
Genesis of Vein-Stockwork and Sedimentary Magnesite and Hydromagnesite Deposits in the Ultramafic Terranes of Southwestern Turkey: A Stable Isotope Study. Economic Geology, 95. 429-446. pdf=1.9Mb)

Russell, M.J. and Hall, A.J. 2002.
From Geochemistry to Biochemistry: Chemiosmotic coupling and transition element clusters in the onset of life and photosynthesis. The Geochemical News. 113, 6-12.
(pdf=1.2Mb) The entire short newsletter is contained in the file. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by The Geochemical Society.

Russell, M.J., Hall, A.J. & Mellersh, A.R. 2003.
On the dissipation of thermal and chemical energies on the early Earth: The onsets of hydrothermal convection, chemiosmosis, genetically regulated metabolism and oxygenic photosynthesis. In R. Ikan (ed.) Natural and Laboratory-Simulated Thermal Geochemical Processes. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic. 325-388. (pdf=5.8Mb)

Martin, W. and Russell, M.J. 2003.
On the origin of cells: An hypothesis for the evolutionary transitions from abiotic geochemistry to chemoautotrophic prokaryotes, and from prokaryotes to nucleated cells. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. 358, 59-85.
(pdf=2.1Mb) Copyright and all rights therein are retained by The Royal Society.

Boyce, A.J., Little, C.T.S. & Russell, M.J. 2003.
A new fossil vent biota in the Ballynoe barite deposit, Silvermines, Ireland: evidence for intracratonic sea-floor hydrothermal activity about 352 Ma. Economic Geology, 98. 649-656.
(pdf=170Kb) Download for single person use only as this published material is subject to copyright.

Russell, M.J. 2003.
The importance of being alkaline. Science, 302. 580-581. (pdf=1.9Mb)

Russell, M.J. and Martin, W. 2004..
The rocky roots of the acetyl coenzyme-A pathway. Trends in Biochemical Science, 24. 358-363. (pdf=370Kb)

Russell, M.J., Hall, A.J., Boyce, A.J. & Fallick, A.E. 2005.
On hydrothermal convection systems and the emergence of life. Economic Geology, 100. 419-438. (Invited Centenary Paper) (pdf=3.9Mb)

Milner-White, E.J. and Russell, M.J. 2005.
Sites for phosphates and iron-sulfur thiolates in the first membranes: 3 to 6 residue anion-binding motifs (nests). Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere, 35. 19-37. (pdf=230Kb)

Russell, M.J. 2006.
First life. American Scientist, 94, 32-39. (Invited paper) (2.5Mb)

Russell, M.J. and Hall, A.J. 2006.
The onset and early evolution of life. In S.E. Kesler & H. Ohmoto (eds.) Evolution of Early Earth’s Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Biosphere—Constraints from Ore Deposits. Geological Society of America, Memoir 198. 1-32.(pdf=3.3Mb)

Martin, W., & Russell M.J. 2007.
On the origin of biochemistry at an alkaline hydrothermal vent. Philosophical Transactions, Royal Society of London (Ser.B) 362, 1887-1925.(pdf=1.6Mb)

Russell, M.J. 2007a.
The full corrected paper: The alkaline solution to the emergence of life: Energy, entropy and early evolution. Acta Biotheoretica, 55, 133-179. (pdf= 2.5 Mb)

Russell, M.J. 2007b. The published erratum (pdf=0.5Mb)

Martin, W., Baross, J., Kelley, D. & Russell, M.J. 2008.
Hydrothermal vents and the origin of life. Nature Reviews, Microbiology. 6, 805-814. (pdf=0.5Mb)

Milner-White, E.J., & Russell, M.J. 2008, Predicting peptide and protein conformations in early evolution. Biology Direct 3, 3: doi:10.1186/1745-6150-3-3 (pdf=0.5Mb)

Russell, M.J., Allen, J.F., & Milner-White, E.J. 2008.
Inorganic complexes enabled the onset of life and oxygenic photosynthesis. In Energy from the Sun: 14th International Congress on Photosynthesis, J.F. Allen, E.Gantt, J.H. Golbeck, B. Osmond (eds).
Springer. 1193-1198. (pdf=0.4Mb

Milner-White, E.J. & Russell, M.J. 2010.
Polyphosphate-Peptide Synergy and the Organic Takeover at the Emergence of Life
Journal of Cosmology, 10, 3217-3229. (pdf = 1.4 Mb)

Nitschke, W. & Russell, M.J. 2010.
Just Like the Universe the Emergence of Life had High Enthalpy and Low Entropy Beginnings
Journal of Cosmology, 10, 3200-3216. (pdf = 1.8 Mb)

Russell, M.J. & Kanik, I. 2010.
Why Does Life Start, What Does It Do, Where Will It Be, And How Might We Find It?
Journal of Cosmology, 5, 1008-1039. (pdf = 2.8 Mb)

Yung, Y.L, Russell, M.J. & Parkinson, C.D. 2010
The Search for Life on Mars.
Journal of Cosmology, 5, 1121-1130.  (pdf = 1.5 Mb)

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