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Software Engineering MSc

What our students say

What our students say

Below are testimonials from some of our recent graduates:

“My first degree was BTech Computer Science & Engineering from Amity School of Engineering & Technology, India. I found out through various reliable sources that the School of Computing Science at University of Glasgow is one of the top Computing Science departments in the UK. Apart from this, the vast amount of research being conducted by the various research groups in the school made it obvious for me to choose Glasgow. The MSc programme was very planned and gave me a range of subjects as electives which were very new for me as well as very useful for getting a job in industry. The programme not only helped to sharpen my technical skills but it had technical courses that immensely developed my research, writing, speaking and most importantly presentation skills. My MSc project was about comparing the usability and security of different images used as passwords in graphical authentication systems. I also compared the usability and security of the different ways of producing the password image like drawing the image or selecting the image from a collection of images. Currently I am doing my PhD in Computing Science at the University of Glasgow with funding from the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance. I am extending the work that I have done in my MSc project and investigating ways to improve the usability as well as security of graphical authentication mechanisms.”

Soumyadeb Chowdhury, former Computing Science student, University of Glasgow. Soumyadeb is studied for a PhD at the University of Glasgow and is now a lecturer at the Aston Business School in Birmingham, England.

“My first degree was a Bachelor of Technology in IT at Hindustan College of Science and Technology. I came to Glasgow because it is one of the renowned universities of the world. The course MSc Computing Science was very challenging. The course demanded hard work and regularity all round the session. This course has raised a professional confidence in me and honed my skills in multiple areas of computing science. I did my MSc project on an electronic voting data management system. I am now working as a software engineer for Graham Technology, and involved in developing contact centre software for various blue chip companies.”

Vikrant Sidhu, former Computing Science student, University of Glasgow.