Reproductive & Maternal Sciences

Student testimonials

Salha Abukhnjr (Libya) 2007-08, MSc (ClinSci) Reproductive & Maternal Sciences and current PhD student:

“The research project needs hard work and recruiting patients is not easy, particularity for me as I have 3 small children, but I still found it interesting and enjoyed it.  I have been in Glasgow for more than 3 years now and because of the nice people, I really feel that Glasgow is my second home.”

Ikram Abdelseeid (Libya) 2008-09, MSc (ClinSci) Reproductive & Maternal Sciences and current PhD student:

 “The programme was well organised and the title is appropriate. It was clear from the start what should be done throughout the programme, which made it easier to manage my time.  I enjoyed the evidence-based medicine part of the programme more than the speciality teaching course.  I enjoyed doing the research project, particularly learning how to collect data, how to write research paper and even how to read literatures.  I find these skills very useful now that I am undertaking a PhD degree at the University of Glasgow.  The life in Glasgow is amazing.  The people are so friendly, and the cost of living is not that much. I felt safe and at home when I did the programme in Glasgow.  I feel that participating in this programme and living in Glasgow has added value to my experiences”.

Rasha Hattem Aljoboree (Oman) 2009-10, MSc (ClinSci) Reproductive & Maternal Sciences:

“The description of the programme and the curriculum of the MSc Reproductive & Maternal Sciences was what I was looking for. According to my previous experience in attending different training and education courses overseas and in the UK, the curriculum was too good to be true.  I wondered, is it possible to gain all this knowledge within one year and successfully get the MSc Degree in this programme?  The admission criteria pointed towards students who have the potentials to finish the programme successfully. The commitment of the teaching staff was the scaffold to achieve success.  I noticed during my work, that the standards of doctors qualified at the University of Glasgow, are different than other locations. I am proud of myself to be University of Glasgow Graduate”.