Reproductive & Maternal Sciences

Examples of previous research projects/audits

Here are some examples of previous research projects and audits that past students have undertaken:

“The effect of uterine artery embolisation (UAE) and surgery on the severity of the presenting complaint in women with uterine fibroids.”

“Audit of follicular development and responses to controlled ovarian stimulation in women with reduced AMH concentrations.”

“Trends in the mode of delivery of the second twin in the Queen Mothers Hospital within the last decade.”

“Audit of decisions made in gynaecological practice in 100 consecutive consultations which reflect evidence-based medicine”

“Is antenatal care evidence-based?  A clinical audit of obstetric consultations in a teaching hospital.”

“An audit of the value of post-operative reviews of patients and whether or not they influence outcome and are cost effective”

“An audit of the quality of general practitioner’s referral letters with regard to Body Mass Index, Obesity and the Scottish Programme of antenatal care”