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Biomedical Sciences (Integrative Mammalian Biology) MRes

What our students say

What our students say


“The research project in this degree programme are an excellent way to immerse a student in the workings of a research laboratory and can provide research experience in a variety of commonly used laboratory techniques.  Comparable to masters courses in other UK institutions, this programme priovides an incredible amount of laboratory experience and is therefore an excellent platform from which students may proceed to PhD studies.”

I personally enjoyed the new insight into using in vivo models and if possible would work with them again if the opportunity arises.”

“I absolutely loved this MRes year and honestly don't have anything negative to say about the IMB project.  My project, supervisors and everyone in the lab made it a really great environment for learning. Thanks for organising such a great year!”

“For me, it was the in vivo project which made the degree so worthwhile, which is to be expected when someone wants to do an MRes.  The 7-month project is essential, both for students and supervisors, and I think it's probably a major strength of the programme.  Having now completed the degree, I feel I have learned so many new skills, techniques, and have grown substantially as a young researcher.  I feel confident in pursuing in vivo work, and I feel that I have obtained a precious skill that will aid me in my career.  Additionally, I feel that when I start my PhD I can hit the ground/lab running and be very confident in my skills and knowledge.”

“I undertook the MRes to get more hands on experience in the lab in order to get PhD.  I think it changed my research direction a little bit as before MRes I wasn‘t sure about animal work, but during my project I found it very interesting and decided to look for PhDs that would involve in vivo work.”

“The facilities and research staff at the University of Glasgow are excellent.  Though the extensive training within this project itself is impressive, I believe that it is the staff and resources here that have ensured that students gain the most from their experience.”

“The masters course has had a large impact on my career progression.  It made me reconsider a long-held assumption that my career was in academia, and equipped me with research skills that certainly helped me into my current position and are used everyday.”