Academic Calendar 2017- 2019

Academic Calendar 2017- 2019


Semester University (Consortium Partner) Dates

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Semester 1 University of Glasgow

International Orientation Week: 04/09/2017

Induction Week: 11/09/2017

Start of Academic Year: 18/09/2017

International Orientation


Living in the UK

Semester 2  University of Barcelona

Dates are yet to be confirmed

Estimated Start of the Semester: Week 1/02/2018

Exam Period: June 2018 (indicative dates)

Universitat de Barcelona GLOCAL Academic Calendar 2017-19

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Optional, Non-credit Summer School

To be confirmed

 July - August 2018

Summer School Information

Associate Partners

Semester 3

Pathway 1

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dates are yet to be confirmed

Eurekaweek- Orientation week: August 2018

Start of the Academic Year: Week 1/09/2018

Exam Period: November 2018/ January 2019

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Academic Calendar 2017- 2018

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Orientation Programmes

Handbook for New Students

Semester 3

Pathway 2

 University of Göttingen

Induction Week: Week 1/10/2018

Start of Academic Year: 01/10/2018

First Day of Lectures: 15/10/2018

Last Day of Lectures: 01/02/2019

End of Semester: 31/03/2019

Introductory Week

2017 Introductory Week

Academic Calendar

International Students

Students:Göttingen International

Semester 4

Erasmus University Rotterdam


University of Göttingen

Dates are yet to be confirmed

Dissertation Research and Writing

Supervision: Rotterdam or Göttingen professors

Co- supervision:

Professors from other partner universities