Instituto de Ciências Sociais

ICS on University of Lisbon campus

The Instituto de Ciências Sociais of the Universidade de Lisboa (ICS) is the Research Institute for the Social Sciences par excellence in Portugal. Its history dates back to 1962 when a group of pioneering sociologists initiated research collaboration, what was to become the most important social sciences library in the country and its first social science journal, Análise Social, to this day edited at ICS. Since 1982 ICS has enjoyed autonomous status within the University of Lisbon, its focus being on innovative research, doctoral training and outreach activities. Its mission is to study contemporary societies and cultures, with a special emphasis on Portugal and the countries that Portugal has had historical ties with, in Southern Europe and in the rest of the world. It is home to 123 full time researchers and 335 doctoral students spanning the full range of the social aciences (anthropology, sociology, political science, political psychology, economics, human geography and history). Methodological sophistication, innovation and pluralism is one of the ICS’s major strengths. Advanced training for doctoral students is offered across a very wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods in the Social Sciences broadly conceived.