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Visa Information

All NaUKMA international students, arriving to NaUKMA for the period longer than 90 days, will receive special kind of the Letter of Invitation, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. After receiving the Invitation for Study you should to pay for the visa verification procedure (“visa support”) on the web-page of the Ukrainian State Centre of the International Education (ATTENTION!!! Your invitation will not be considered by the Consular Sections of the Ukrainian Embassies without visa versification procedure (“visa support”) completed! Exchange students, participants of the Erasmus+ mobility are exempted from payment of the invitation fee). Having the invitation (exchange and Erasmus+ students) and approximately in about a week after payment for visa verification procedure /“visa support” (all other international students) you can apply for the D-type Ukrainian visa (“long-term, multi-entry”), for the details please contact the Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in your country. Upon arrival to Ukraine D-type visa should be exchanged for the Temporary Residence Permit within its validity (90 days), but not later than 2 weeks before its expiration date (please refer to the Other Costs table at the end of this document for the costs, related to obtaining Temporary Residence Permit). Our staff will help you to prepare an application for the Temporary Residence Permit and will explain further steps to be done (e.g. registration at the place of residence etc.). Temporary Residence Permit is valid for a period of your study at NaUKMA and will allow you to leave and enter Ukraine without any additional documents needed during this period. Those of you arriving from the courtiers with non-visa regime with Ukraine still have to obtain Temporary Residence Permit, if you plan to stay at NaUKMA longer than 90 days, though you do not need to get D-type visa.

Ukraine has a non-visa policy for up to 90 days stay (though visa is required for longer stays) with many countries, please find information here ukraine/visa-requirements-for-foreigners 
Please notice, though, that we shall not be able to prolong your stay after 90 days, if you are a citizen of one of the countries and would arrive to Ukraine without D-type visa

For obtaining Temporary Residence Permit and official registration at the University as an international student you should submit to the NaUKMA International Office the following documents:
- insurance, covering emergency medical cases (should be purchased in Ukraine. If you have your international one, we check if it can be accepted by the Ukraine’ Migration Authorities, but in most of the cases the one, purchased in Ukraine is needed);
- photocopy of passport including the visa, translated into Ukrainian language with notary certification and the entry stamp to Ukraine
- 6 passport size photos (size 4.5*3.5)
- please refer to the Academic issues section for the other documents you will be requested for academic registration.


All NaUKMA international students are requested to have insurance for emergency medical cases – to be purchased in Ukraine (this is required for obtaining Temporary Residence Permit)
NaUKMA International Office staff will help you with purchasing the insurances required in Ukraine.


NaUKMA international non-degree and exchange students can request accommodation (single or double rooms with other international student(s) at the NaUKMA student dormitory). International office will try to satisfy all the requests. Exchange students are strongly recommended to consider staying at the NaUKMA student dormitory rather than in the rented apartments, which is related with difficult procedure of obtaining Temporary Residence Permit and further registration for those staying in the rented apartments.

The NaUKMA student dormitory is located on Kharkivske shosse (avenue), on Kyiv's left bank. It takes about 40 minutes by public transport (bus № 115) to get to NaUKMA from the dorm. The dormitory consists of 2 accommodation units per floor with 7 simple rooms, mostly double or triples, in each of the units. The rooms of one unit share a common kitchen and bathroom. Dorm rooms are furnished with a desk, chairs, and beds. Linen is provided. Wi-Fi is available.

Please note that accommodation request should be received by the NaUKMA International Office not later than 1 month before your arrival to NaUKMA. Accommodation request forms are usually sent to the new students along with this guide or can be requested with the International office.
Please contact the NaUKMA International Office prior to your arrival if you have different plans about your accommodation in Kyiv

Cost of Living

Visa Verification - 324 UAH
Temporary Residence Permit - 267 UAH
Insurance for emergency medical assistance - 500 UAH per year
Accommodation (NaUKMA student dorm) - 1500 - 3000 UAH per month
Public transport - 200-300 UAH per month
Food - 1600 - 2000 UAH per month
All figures are approximate

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