Yifei Li


Research title: Journalistic ethics in a digital age in China

Research Summary

Yifei's proposed research concerns news media ethics in China within the context of a digital media ecology. Her research is inspired by the development of Chinese social media that spawns many peripheral news actors and increasingly challenges the hegemony of traditional media. In this media ecology, journalism ethics deserves further discussion. This study adopts an innovative digital ethnographic approach that comprehensively understands the influence of the digital media ecology's power mechanism and social structure on news production and journalistic ethics. This research's potential contribution is to provide a non-Western and contextually rooted sociological understanding of the challenges facing the news media in the 21st century.

Additional Information

Yifei completed a MA in International Public and Political Communication at the University of Sheffield in 2020. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in The Art of Announcing and Anchoring and a double bachelor’s degree in Law at Hohai University.