Thomas Rochow


Twitter: @ThomasRochow


Title: Exploring Young People's Experiences of Welfare Conditionality Over Time

Research title: Young people's lived experiences of welfare conditionality

Research Summary

My research is focusing on exploring young people’s lived experience of welfare conditionality over time. I am conducting secondary, qualiative, longitudinal data analysis using three-wave semi-stuctured interview transcripts generated as part of the Welfare Conditionality Project (2014-2017). I am analsying this rich dataset from a new perspective by solely looking at participants who were aged between 18-25 at the time of first interview. This is to uncover youth sepcific insights into claming social security during a time of austerity and stringent conditionality, and understabnd how contmeporary intergenerational inequalities are conceptualised by a cohort of young people making their transitions to adulthood. I am most interested in the aspirations of young people and how they percieve pathways to a brighter future and greater security during a period of precarious labour markets and finacialised housing markets. 

My key research interests are:

  • Youth Transitions
  • Labour Markets
  • Social Security
  • Qualitative Methods.


Social and Public Policy 1A: Foundations of Welfare

Social and Public Policy 2B: Policy, Politics & Power

Additional Information

MSc in Public and Urban Policy from the University of Glasgow