Steven Broadrick 

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Research title: What can the predictive brain hypothesis usefully tell us about colour perception?

Research Summary


I am a fulltime second-year PhD student, with a longstanding interest in the philosophy of mind, perception, and cognitive science. Prior to coming to Glasgow, I have studied at the University of St Andrews, and the University of Sussex. 

Current Research

My current research revolves around the predictive processing theory of mind, following on from the contemporary work of Andy Clark and Jakob Hohwy, and what predictive models can tell us about aspects of visual perception, with a particular emphasis on colour perception. 

By applying a prediction-oriented filter to at least one area of colour perception in terms of what it can usefully tell us, and to at least one area in terms of what it cannot usefully tell us, I hope to reach an understanding whereby, either predictive processing should be considered invaluable to colour perception, or alternatively, that there are aspects to colour perception that cannot be aligned with predictive theories. 



External supervisors

Dr Derek Brown

Professor Fiona Macpherson




Spring term 2020 - Philosophy 1B: How Should We Live?