Siobhan Mulligan

Research title: The Soul Thieves of Savannah

Research Summary

The main body of my thesis is an urban fantasy novel, exploring representations of the history of the Southern US through ghosts and the fantastic. The novel will be accompanied by a collection of critical essays and visual art, combining autoethnography and textual analysis to contextualize themes within the novel. My research interests include the following:

  • The influence of the Southern Gothic on contemporary Southern fantasy
  • Race and gender in the Southern US, esp. whiteness and definitions of Southern womanhood
  • Representations of hoodoo in speculative fiction
  • Ghosts and Savannah, GA
  • Ghost stories and colonial legacies in YA/NA Gothic



  • English Literature 1A: Poetry and Poetics
  • English Literature 2B: Writing & Texts

Additional Information

  • Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities
  • Co-Editor of From Glasgow to Saturn (2018-2020)