Shannon Harris

Research title: The Influence of Christianity on Entrepreneurship

Research Summary

Doctoral Research 

My doctoral research focuses on the influence of religion on entrepreneurial behaviour. It uses Evangelical Christianity as an empirical context to explore the impact of religious beliefs on the behaviours an entrepreneur engages in during the entrepreneurial process. 

The need to understand context when studying entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important. With this work, I hope to contribute to our undertsanding of how personal beliefs and social norms shape and influence entrepreneurial activities. 


Research Interests 

I am a member of the Entrepreneurship, Development, and Political Economy reserch cluster within the Adam Smith Business School. The cluster focuses on how and why new ventures are created by individuals, charities, businesses, and governments.

Areas of personal interest: 

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Religious Entrepreneurship 
  • Church-planting 
  • Entrepreneurial Behaviour
  • Qualitative Research Methods 


2019 University of Glasgow - Adam Smith Business School PhD Scholarship 

2017 Universtiy of Strathclyde - Strathclyde Business School Student Excellence Award. 

2016 Carnegie Trust - Carnegie Vacation Scholarship; "Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition and Religion," (£1,350) 


Qualitative Researchin Management and Organisation Conference in Alburquerque, New Mexico, USA (May 2020 - Postponed); full paper presentation. 

Crafting World-leading Outputs from Qualitative Research - Second Annual University of Liverpool Management School Paper Development Workshop in Liverpool, United Kingdom (March 2020 - Postponed); full paper presentation. 

Organisational and Institutional Change - Seventh Annual University of Edinburgh Business School Paper Development Workshop in Edinburgh, United Kingdom (March 2020); full paper presentation. Sponsored by Academy of Managament Journal and the Centre for Strategic Leadership at the Universtiy of Edinburgh Business School. 

Socially Progressive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium - First Annual University of Strathclyde Research Cluster Strategic Meeting in Glasgow, United Kingdom (November 2018); founding member of strategic interest group, colloquium organiser, full paper presentation. 

Strathwide Research Conference in Glasgow, United Kingdom (June 2018); full paper presented. 

Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference in Belfast, United Kingdom (November 2017); full paper presentation. 


I recently completed the course, Development as a Teacher in Higher Education at the University of Glasgow. This course helps develop teaching practice for higher education and leads to Associate Fellowship of RET.  

I currently teach as a graduate teaching assitant at the University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde. I have taught a variety of levels of undergratuate courses and my responsibilities include content creation, tutorial leading, facilitation of workshops, and lecturing activities.


Graduate Teaching Assistant  

Entrepreneurship (MGT2014; Level 2) 

New Venture Planning (Z1218; Level 2) 

Creativity and Innovation Management (Z1217; Level 2) 

The Reflexive Manager (MG317; Level 3)

Family Business (Z1400; Level 4) 

Management, Enterprise, and the Rise of the Global Economy (MG402; Level 4) 


Additional Information

Shannon is a PhD researcher funded by the University of Glasgow to undertake research exploring the influence of religion on entrepreneurial behaviour. Prior to her PhD, Shannon recieved a first class honours degree from the Universtiy of Strathclyde in Business Enterprise and Management as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methods. 

Shannon's research interests in religion and entrepreneurial behaviour stem from her work as an undergratuate. During her penultimate year of undergraduate studies Shannon undertook a summer internship with the Carnegie Trust conducting research exploring the influence of religious values on opportunity recognition.