Sarune Savickaite




Research title: Using Virtual Reality to Explore Individual Differences in Perception due to Neurodiversity”

Research Summary

Sarune Savickaite is a PhD candidate at the School of Psychology, University of Glasgow, funded by ESRC/SGSSS. Sarune started her Masters in Research Methods of Psychological Science in September 2018. Sarune previously completed BSc Hons in Psychology at the University of St Andrews.

Sarune's current research project is titled 'Using VR technology to understand the inner world of autism'. Other research interests include depth perception and stereopsis, art and aesthetics, perception and cognition.

More about the research project and other work at the lab can be found at Simmons Lab website.

Sarune also has BA Hons Illustration from the university of Bedfordshire. She still sometimes works as an illustrator and graphic designer.


Funded by ESRC/SGSSS Collaborative Studentship 3+1 with Sublime Digital Ltd.


INSAR 2020 (poster)

INSAR 2021 (poster)

AVRA 2021 (organiser and presenter)

ECVP 2021 (presenter)

WomENcourage 2021 (poster)

SARG 2021 (organiser and poster)




Graduate Teaching Assistant

Tutor (Created and Delivering) Short Course 'Introduction to Forensic Psychology'

Tutor (Created and Delivering) Short Course 'Virtual Reality for Psychology Reserarch' (*Starting 2022)