Rehenuma Rahman

Room 313, Adam Smith Building, 28 Bute Gardens, G12 8RS

Research title: Sustainable Development Goals, Accountability and Governance: A case of Bangladesh.

Research Summary

Exploring the power of numbers or in other words, exploring the manner in which various cultural- political and economic phenomena are translated into numbers has always been at the core of the accounting scholarship. In its techno-managerial forms, accounting has been seen as the technology through which the 'accumulation of wealth' has been translated into numbers. However, accounting is not only limited to financial aspects rather scholars: Weber, Sombert helped to establish the relationship between accounting with social scientific analysis. In its continuity, in the post-world war period, transnational institutions in association with powerful states development plan that are highly numerised and impose numerised devellopment discourses [Human development index (HDI), Millenium Development Goals, Sustainable Development Goals] to the poor countries, assuming that this will bring them out of underdevelopment. Here a new form of accountability has been created, we termed it 'Numeri-countability' where the periphery is held accountable to the center based on the produced numbers. 

Focusing on this notion of 'Governance by numbers' by Miller, Rose; this research aims to explore- "How a particular global accountability regime is constructed to account for development? How a particular set of number has been treated as development? And how the numerisation reformulate the accountability and governance regime?"


Rahman, R. 2018. Building Brand Awareness: The role of celebrity endorsement in advertisements. Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, 28 (4) pp 363- 384. DOI: 10.1080/21639159.2018.1509366

Rahman, R. and Kabir, M.A., 2019. A comparative analysis of Board disclosures of selected pharmaceuticals companies of Bangladesh and the UK. Journal of Corporate Governance Research, 3(1), pp 28- 63, DOI: 10.5296/jcgr.v3i1.14765


Prime Minister's PhD Fellowship, Prime Minister's Office, Government of Bangladesh, 2019- 2021

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship for Masters. Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, The UK, 2014- 15


International Conference on Accounting studies, The Universiti Utara Malaysia, 18- 19 September 2017 Putrajaya, Malaysia

International Conference of Advanced Marketing, International Institute of Knowledge Management and University of Kenaliya, 26- 27 January 2017. Colombo, Sri Lanka


Graduate Teaching Assistant, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow


Additional Information

Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, Premier University, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Premier University, Chittagong, Bangladesh (November 2013- September 2018)