Paula Teixeira Moláns


Research title: Galician Colour Semantics: An Investigation of Basic Colour Terms

Research Summary

I obtained my BA in Galician language and Linguistics from the University of Santiago de Compostela and my MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of A Coruña. Then I was a Galician language demonstrator at University College Cork where I also organised an international conference called Linguistic Diversity: Celebrating Difference.

Main research interests

  • Semantics
  • Minority Languages
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Galician Language

My project

My investigating activity over the years has been centered on Galician Colour Semantics. My thesis at University of Glasgow is attesting the Galician traditional colour semantics through tests and interviews with the eldest speakers of the community and exploring contrasts with younger generations. This study finds rapid changes in labelling and categorical distribution that reveal a severe assimilation to Spanish caused by linguistic contact in a diglossic context. 


Teixeira Moláns, P., 2021, Os termos para as cores en galego: unha selva por explorar [The colour terms in Galician: a jungle to be discovered]. Revista Galega de Filoloxía, 22, 89-106 DOI

Teixeira Moláns, P., 2019, ‘As cores en galego: as laranxas e as violetas pertencen só ao mundo vexetal’ [Colours in Galician: oranges and violets belong only to the vegetable world] in M. A. Marques and X. M. Sánchez Rei (eds.) Estudos atuais de linguística galego-portuguesa. Santiago de Compostela: Laiovento 293-230


Arts and Humanities Research Council (University of Glasgow, 2020-2023)

Visiting Doctoral Researcher Dora Plus Scholarship (Tallinn University, 2021) 


Seminar: "Studying colour terms in a diglossic communitychallenges of data collection, data processing and data analysis". Applied Linguistics Seminar Series March 2022 at University College Cork

Seminar: "Seeking universal visual semantics. A historical approach to basic colour terms in Irish Gaelic" Linguistic Diversity: Celebrating Difference conference April 2019 at University College Cork

Lightning Talk: "Researching Semantics of Colour in the Galician Language". IRAAL November 2018 at University College Dublin

Seminar: "O sentimento nacional no heavy metal galego". Institute of Iberian and Ibero-American Studies November 2018 at Warsaw University

Seminar: "A gama crómática en galego". AIEG September 2018 at Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Graduate Teaching Assitant at University of Glasgow (Jan.2022-present)

Visiting researcher and lecturer at Tallinn University (Autumn 2021)

Galician Language Demonstrator at University College Cork (Sept.2017-Aug.2019)