Monica Vazquez

Research title: The Neverending Immersion: Inhabiting the Impossible in Fantasy Literature and VR

Research Summary

What is it that we see when we look upon the world? What is reality? Does it exist? And what makes it different from fantasy?

Monica’s research will present a new way of understanding the symbiotic correlation between fantasy and reality through the study of fantasy literature and virtual reality. Through this body of work she will aim to understand how we can shape our perceptions of reality through the phenomena of reading and consuming virtual reality, as two very different yet related immersive media: one, literature, a mentally-virtual realm, and VR, a new horizon for the physically-virtual. Her research engages with the thesis that how we perceive fantasy and reality defines our interactions with them and will shape who we are as individuals and as a collective. This study aims to provide a new perspective from which to tackle this apparently never-ending question.

My research interests include: 

- Philosophy of Perception

- Neuroscience 

- Linguistics 

- Horror and the Fantastic

- Virtual Reality

- Game Studies

- Fantasy Theory

- Fantasy beyond the Anglophone



- Review 'The Canons of Fantasy' by Patrick Moran in Mallorn, December 2020 - pending publication. 



The Art of Breaking Away (Madrid: Penguin Random House, 2017)

- Hold Tight (Madrid: Sin Anestesia, 2017)

- High (Madrid: Sin Anestesia, 2017)

To Life! (Madrid: Sin Anestesia, 2015)

- Now (Madrid: Sin Anestesia, 2016)

- OST Combustion (Madrid: Novaemusik, 2013)


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- University of Glasgow Games and Gaming Lab: 05/08/2020, £100, Digital Heroisms Symposium



- Grant Girando por Salas, GPS Girando por Salas. 2015 (estimated in 42.000€)

- Grant Residencia de Creación Artística, Fundación SGAE. 2015 (estimated in 8.000€)



- Best Music Project, Premios 40 Principales 2012. Winner, "Lead The Way"

- Best New Artist, Premios 40 Principales 2015. Finalist. 

- Best Indie Album of the Year, IMPALA Awards 2015. Finalist.



- ‘Glasgow International Fantasy Conversations’ at the University of Glasgow, 2018. Presented Paper ‘Virtual Reality and the rules of immersion: the non-place that I call home’ 

- Emerging Art Fair JustMad7, 2016. Presented ‘Conversaciones sobre el talento’

- Youtubers, Personas (y cintas de vídeo), 2016. Speaker at round table ‘Día de la Música’.

- Performer at Fantasy Night at the Museum, 2017.

- Campus Live Madrid, 2015. Presented ‘Identidad y Composición Musical’


- GTA on Comparative Literature, 2020-2021

- Master Classes at University Antonio de Nebrija (Madrid): ‘Narrative and Interactivity’. 2018

- Master Classes at Fundación SGAE: ‘Music Composition and the Narration of the Self’. 2016

- English Teacher at Colegio San Agustín. 2011-2012

- English Teacher at Vaughan Systems. 2010-2011

Additional Information


- Member of SGAE - Sociedad General de Autores Españoles

- Member of AIE - Artistas e Interpretes Españoles

- Member of the Centre of Fantasy and the Fantastic

- Member of the Immersive Experiences Lab at Glasgow

- Member of the University of Glasgow Games and Gaming Lab

- Founding Board Member of the Digital Heroisms Symposium

- Member of Global Shapers Madrid World Economic Forum 2012-2019


Other Roles Today

- Culture columnist at national newspaper in Spain El Periódico de Cataluña