Research title: Management control, platform accountability and neoliberalism: The case study of a Chinese digital platform

Research Summary

Mengyuan is a Ph.D. candidate in Accounting at Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. She works on critical perspectives on accounting and accountability, focusing on technology, society, and migration issues. Within this general area, she studies algorithmic accountability in digital platforms and the impact of technology on society.


  • Ph.D. Studentship 2018-2021
  • Wards Trust Funding, £1000, Project-based, 2019-2020, University of Glasgow
  • Seed Corn Funding for Primary Research, £500, 2019, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow
  • Adam Smith Business School Awards for Excellence, Excellence in Research, £200, 2020, University of Glasgow
  • Adam Smith Business School Awards for Excellence, Excellence in Research, £200,  2021, University of Glasgow


  • IPA 2021-13th Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting Conference

Presentation title: Accountability as an assemblage: platforming the desire of migrant workers in China

Author(s): Feng, Mengyuan; Wickramasinghe, Danture; Ahn, Paul

  • BAFA Annual Conference with Doctoral Masterclass, 2021

Presentation title: Platform accountability: assembling the desire of rural-to-urban migrants

  • CPA 2020 (ESC)-Critical Perspectives on Accounting 2020 (Emerging Scholar Colloquium)

Presentation title: Platform accountability in the gig economy: a biopolitical analysis of a Chinese ride-sharing platform


Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • ACCFIN1001 Introduction to business reporting and financial accounting (UG-level 1)
  • ACCFIN2003 Financial Accounting 2 (UG-level 2)
  • ACCFIN2005 Management Accounting 2: Organisational Performance (UG-level 2)
  • ACCFIN5036 Management Accounting and Control (PGT-Macc)
  • ACCFIN5242 Financial information management (PGT)

GTA Representative in Accounting and Finance