Maximilian Kriz


Twitter: @mgkriz

Research title: The Future of Welfare in the Post-Work Smart City

Research Summary

My research investigates the effects of digitalisation on work and welfare, focusing on the increase in precarious work conditions due to the rise of the digitally driven service economy. By taking a novel urban approach, I attempt to identify the ongoing transformations in the labour markets of selected cities and analyse urban policy responses to a growing number of precarious workers.

The ultimate objectives of my research are threefold

  1. I aim to demonstrate that quantitative indicators such as low unemployment rates do not adequately reflect the state of labour markets or the quality of jobs, demanding a qualitative methodology within a multidisciplinary approach.
  2. I seek to learn from innovative urban policy initiatives which successfully reconcile flexible work arrangements and the digital economy with comprehensive welfare provisions.
  3. Such study of urban innovations ought to inform policy recommendations for other cities facing similar challenges.

Before joining Glasgow, I pursued my undergraduate studies in economic history and politics at Edinburgh, where I wrote my final dissertation on the prospects for a liberal society on Mars. My master's in Vienna focused on international law and economics – culminating in a thesis on the future of Europe’s energy security – and allowed me to work in a national delegation at the United Nations in New York City.

Due to my multidisciplinary background, I am interested in the interplay between larger technological and structural transformations, urban development in the digital era, and the effects on welfare and social policy. If you have a professional or academic interest in the digital nature of work and welfare and wish to discuss any aspects of it, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


  • University of Glasgow College of Social Sciences Scholarship 


  • COVID-19 PHSMs Research Outcome Conference, Panel 10.1. (October 2021), paper presentation:
    "Ubiquitous and Unchallenged? How Economic Forces and Policy Paths Catalysed the 'Platformisation' of Cities during the Covid-19 Pandemic"


Pre-honours courses

  • Politics 1A: Introduction to Politics (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
  • Politics 1B: Introduction to International Relations (Graduate Teaching Assistant)

Additional Information

Academic background

  • Master in Advanced International Studies - Diplomatic Academy Vienna, Austria
  • Master of Arts (with Honours) - University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Certificate of Social Sciences - Sciences Po Paris, France