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Research title: Financial Development, Growth Strategies and Structural Transformation

Research Summary

First, I find investigating whether banking sector development could impact on industrial strategy in developing countries – where their financial systems are predominantly bank-based (operating in a financially liberalized environment) crucial.

Next, I consider isolating the role of state intervention and financial liberalization in the economic diversification and industrial upgrading of resource-rich developing countries. In addition, the study seeks to examine the role of Global Value Chains in economic diversification and structural transformation of financially liberalized systems.

The findings could help inform development policy in developing countries if they must catch up with their developed counterparts.


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Tertiary Education Trust Fund, Nigeria


International Conference on Policy Review and Development Strategies, 2nd-3rd May 2013; International Institute for Policy Review and Development Strategies, University of Nigeria Nsukka

2nd Annual International Social and Management Sciences Conference, 25th-27th March 2013; Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Kaduna State University, Nigeria

International Conference-Economy and Business, 1st-5th September 2014; International Scientific Events, Science and Education Foundation, Bulgaria

4th European Business Research Conference, 9th-10th April 2015; World Business Institute, Imperial College London, UK


Jan 2019 – August 2020, Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Glasgow, Adam Smith Business School
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Courses handled include economics fundamentals and financial markets, macroeconomics as well as money, finance, and growth