Martha Redway

Address: Room 3.57, Level 3 New Lister Building, Glashow Royal Infirmary, 10-16 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow, G31 2ER

Telephone: 0141 201 8606



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Research Summary

I am currently in the final year of my PhD. My research focuses broadly on iodine nutrition in the UK and the potential of seaweed as a plant-based iodine source. I am currently working on several projects relating to the inclusion of seaweed in British diets, iodine bioavailability from foods, nutritional biomarkers of thyroid health, and nutritional adequacy of plant-based and vegan diets. I'm also interested in the regulation and expression of cellular iodide symporters, and the role of the gut microbiota and food matrices in nutrient release.


  • Beaton et al., 2018, Community-led comparative genomic and phenotypic analysis of the aquaculture pathogen Pseudomonas baetica a390T sequenced by Ion semiconductor and Nanopore technologies, FEMS Microbiology Letters, 365(9) (Co-author)
  • Redway et al., 2018, Impact of the food matrix on iodine bioavailability, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 77(OCE4), E138
  • Pulford et al., 2019, The diversity, evolution and ecology of Salmonella in venomous snakes, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 13, e0007169 (Co-author)


  • Nutrition COVID-19 Disruption Response Award (2020) - The Rank Prize Funds


  • Nutrition Society Summer Conference 2018 (Leeds, UK) - poster presentation - Title: Impact of the Food Matrix on Iodine Bioavailability
  • Nutrition Futures Live 2020 (Online) - oral presentation - Title: Iodine excess risk from seaweed food products available on the UK market


  • Graduate teaching assistant on MSc Human Nutrition course
  • Co-supervisor for MSc Human Nutrition research projects
  • Co-supervisor for BSc Physiology, Sports Science & Nutrition honours projects