Maged Saad O Al Madi

Room 573 , Desk 6

School of Education

University of Glasgow

11 Eldon Street, G3 6NH

Research title: Lesson Study as Teacher Development Strategy: A Case Study of Primary School in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia.

Research Summary

School-based professional development is an appropriate way of tailoring professional development both to the needs of the individual teacher and of the school. Lesson Study (LS) is one of the models of school-based professional development. LS is a professional learning method that is based on collaboration amongst teachers, in order to improve their professional (and their students’) learning (Wood and Cajkler, 2017). Since 2015, the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia started a pilot project that utilized the LS in certain Saudi schools in different regions to meet professional learning needs. The purpose of this study is to understand the impact of LS as a model adopted by Primary Schools in Saudi Arabia for the professional development of teachers. A combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods will be utilized to collect data from four selected elementary schools in the Riyadh region. The data sources for this research will include an online survey for teachers and in-depth, one-on-one interviews with teachers and their school leaders. SPSS software will be used to analyze the questionnaire responses, while thematic analysis will be applied to the qualitative data. There are no results for this study yet, as it is still in progress; however, we expect the LS to serve as an effective tool for teachers’ professional development for different reasons, such as the fact that LS adoption has led to improvement in different countries and the government leadership has implemented an LS strategy through providing financial support for the project, preparing the required infrastructure for this strategy to succeed, and overseeing studies like this one, that aim to measure the effect of implementing this project.


The 13th International Conference on  Language, Education & Innovation 2019 

Venue: The Cumberland Hotel Great Cumberland Place London W1H 7DL United Kingdom

Date: 30th – 31st January 2019 

Paper Title: Impact of School-based Professional Development as a New Strategy for Teachers’ Development in Saudi Arabia 


ISER -International Conference on Education and Social Science (ICESS-2019)

Venue:Edinburgh , United Kingdom

Date: 7th-8th June, 2019

Paper Title: Lesson Study a Professional Development Model in Saudi Arabia