Lauren Gatting

Office: Administration Building, Level 2, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Gartnavel Royal Hospital, G12 0XH (currently working remotely)



Research title: Using Picture Narratives to Support Equitable and Informed Participation in Lung Cancer Screening

Research Summary

Lauren Gatting is currently undertaking a research-based PhD looking at the use of picture narratives in communication about cancer screening. The project is using the development and testing of print lung cancer screening information for people living in Glasgow, as a case study. As with all communications research, this project is interdisciplinary, bridging between graphic medicine and graphic public health, determinants of lung screening participation, human information interaction and decision making research. For more information, go to the project website

Lauren previously worked as a research assistant within the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, University of Glasgow, working in the area of Health Psychology and Behavioural Science.


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Additional Information

Communications and Application Manager, CREATE, European Heath Psychology Society Early Career Network, from 04/2018 to 03/2021

Chief editor, Ihawkes, University of Glasgow Institute of Health and Wellbeing Postgraduate and Early Career researchers blog, from 09/2017 to 02/2021

Graphic Recorder for four 2-hour research workshops for the research project ‘Creating a faith-based intervention for Muslim women in Scotland to encourage uptake of cancer screening: A community participation project', 02/2021