Laura Sessions

Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine
Graham Kerr Building 
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ
Twitter: @laura_sessions1

Research title: Using remote imaging and machine learning tools to quantify ecological impacts of red deer (Cervus elaphus)

Research Summary

My research is focussed on the use of novel imaging and machine learning techniques to provide information regarding deer numbers in Scotland, their movement patterns at both population and individual levels, and their effect on the distribution of Ixodes ticks, the arthropod vector of Lyme disease.

The vast expansion of Scottish deer numbers and species range over the last half a century has led to various socioeconomic conflicts. The increase in proximity between deer, livestock and human settlements also makes potential disease transmission an important management issue, with Lyme disease a particular health concern. Deer are problematic to survey, and current techniques provide less than satisfactory data relating to the abundance and space use of these animals. There is a very real need for the development of deer survey methods that provide data at a much finer spatiotemporal scale than those that are commonly employed at present.



Additional Information

Academic History

2013-2016: MVetSci in Conservation Medicine, University of Edinburgh

2006-2011: BVM&S, University of Edinburgh