Kevin Leomo




Research title: Portfolio of Compositions: A practice-based investigation of cross-cultural composition

Research Summary

Kevin is a Scottish-Filipino composer of experimental music based in Glasgow. His practice research explores the concept of liminality, a state of transition or in-between space, both culturally and sonically. Kevin is interested in silence, fragility, perception, approaches to listening, and non-standard notation. 

Kevin’s works have been performed by The Hermes Experiment, Quartteto Maurice, Ensemble Okeanos, Tacet(i) Ensemble, Glasgow New Music Expedition, Atlas Ensemble, Society for New Korean Music, Barcelona Modern, Ensemble Schallfeld, Red Note Ensemble, Trio Abstrakt, and Psappha Ensemble. His music has been performed at festivals including Sound Festival, Oregon Bach Festival, Bienal Música Hoje, The Dear Green Bothy, Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium, Sound Thought, KLANGRAUM, impuls Festvial, and played on BBC Radio 3 In Tune.

Kevin his participated in composition courses including Psappha’s Composing for Sitar and Flute Schemes, International Composition Institute of Thailand, Irish Composition Summer School, Atlas Lab, Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium, International Percussion Institute Sound Lab, Barcelona Modern International Composition Course, impuls Academy, and CoMA Composers Course.

He has presented his research at conferences such as the Royal Musical Association Research Students’ Conference, Being Human Festival, University of Hull Music and Intercultural Practice Symposium, European Researchers’ Night, Scottish Association for Music Education Conference, and the University of Glasgow’s Annual Learning and Teaching Conference.

In addition to composing, Kevin is passionate about music education. He works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Music at the University of Glasgow, teaching on a number of music courses from first year undergradute to master's level. Kevin has experience in co-designing and implementing new courses with his supervisors, such as Composition in the Classroom and Practical Instrumentation, Scoring, and Musicianship. In 2021, Kevin won 'Best GTA' in the SRC Student Teaching Awards.

Kevin has delivered education projects for Chamber Music Scotland, Scottish Young Composers Project, Glasgow CoMA Open Score Club, and Sound Festival. He is interested in attempting to decolonising curricula within the context of higher education and embedding anti-racism into his learning and teaching practice. He sits on the QAA steering group for the 'Decolonising the Curriculum in the Time of Pandemic' Collaborative Cluster. Kevin is the Postgraduate Convenor for the College of Arts for the University of Glasgow's Student Representatives' Council.

Kevin also manages the experimental music series Sound Thought, which is dedicated to promoting the practice and research of postgraduates working in music and sound.



afterglow for alto flute, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, piano, violin, cello | Barcelona Modern


signs of absence for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, two violins, viola, cello | Tacet(i) Ensemble

diaphanous for oboe | Sergio Vega Dominguez

tracing a line for khaen | Christopher Adler

at the still point for string quartet | Quartetto Maurice 

in praise of shadows for bass flute, bass clarinet, cello, double bass | Ensemble Schallfeld

Sounds of the University garden soundscape composition | The Dear Green Bothy Soundwalk

Liminality in cross-cultural composition Issue 18 'Boundaries' | The Kelvingrove Review


limen for clarinet, trombone, cello, electric guitar, piano, percussion | Tacet(i) Ensemble

near dark for soprano saxophone, piano, vibrpahone | Trio Abstrakt

the surface of the night for open instrumentation | KLANGRAUM

catching the light for sitar | Jasdeep Degun Singh

patterns of shadows for piano | Clara Siegle

visible darkness for alto flute, tenor sax, piano, double bass | Glasgow New Music Expedition


Silhouettes for oboe and cello | Red Note Ensemble

Sketches for sho, shakuhachi, duduk, erhu, kemençe, sarangi | Atlas Ensemble

Sounds of Silence for percussion quartet | International Percussion Institute performers

Slanting Moonlight for soprano, clarinet, piano | Irish Composition Summer School faculty  


Dancing Shadows for clarinet, cello, percussion | Glasgow New Music Expedition

The Way the Light Falls for flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, geomungo, haegeum | Society for New Korean Music

Civil Twilight for violin, cello, piano | Neave Trio

Shadows of the Afternoon for clarinet, trumpet, bassoon, piano | RSNO players


Close to the Bone for clarinet, harp, double bass | The Hermes Experiment

Murmurations for alto flute, guitar, stone marimba | Ensemble Mobile

Nocturne for alto flute | Psappha Ensemble


  • Research Support Award College of Arts (May 2020)
  • Research Support Award College of Arts (Feb 2020)
  • Research Support Award College of Arts (Oct 2019)
  • Research Committee Fund School of Culture and Creative Arts (Jan 2019)
  • Research Support Award College of Arts (Oct 2018)

Sound Thought

  • The Dear Green Bothy programme funding College of Arts (June 2021)
  • Material/Immaterial Programme Fund Collaborations & Cultural Acitivites Committee (Jan 2020)
  • Collaborative Research Award College of Arts (Oct 2019)
  • Collaborations and Cultural Activity Award School of Culture and Creative Arts (Jun 2019)
  • Postgraduate Research Community Building Fund College of Arts (Mar 2019)
  • Collaborative Research Award College of Arts (Oct 2018)
  • Collaborative Research Award College of Arts (June 2018)
  • Chancellor’s Fund University of Glasgow (May 2018)

 University of Glasgow Practice Research Network

  • Postgraduate Research Community Building Fund College of Arts (Feb 2021)
  • Postgraduate Research Community Building Fund College of Arts (Dec 2019)



  • Three Minute Thesis Competition University of Glasgow [online] (Mar 2022)
  • Barcelona Modern International Composition Course Barcelona [online] (Feb 2022)
  • Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium premiere of 'signs of absence', Bangkok [online] (Dec 2021)
  • Being Human Festival premiere of 'diaphanous', University of Glasgow (Nov 2021)
  • The Dear Green Bothy soundscape composition as part of The Dear Green Bothy Soundwalk (Oct-Nov 2021)
  • Sound Festival performance of 'the surface of the night', Aberdeen (Oct 2021)
  • European Researchers' Night: Explorathon Sound Thought Soundwalk (Sep 2021)
  • impuls Academy premieres of 'near dark', 'at the still point', and 'in praise of shadows', Kunst-Universität, Graz (Aug 2021)
  • Music and Intercultural Pratice Symposium 'Liminality in cross-cultural composition' paper presentation, University of Hull [online] (Apr 2021)
  • RMA/BFE Research Students' Conference 'Composing liminality' paper presentation, University of Cambridge [online] (Jan 2021)
  • International Composer Institute Thailand premiere of 'limen', Bangkok [online] (Dec 2020)
  • Psappha Ensemble Composing for Sitar Scheme premiere of ‘catching the light’, Manchester (Aug 2020)
  • KLANGRAUM premiere & performances of 'the surface of the night', Dusseldorf (July 2020)
  • Sound Thought workshop of 'visible darkness' with Glasgow New Music Expedition, University of Glasgow (Feb 2020)
  • RMA/BFE Research Students’ Conference 'Cross-cultural composition' paper, Open University Milton Keynes (Jan 2020)
  • Atlas Lab workshop with Atlas Ensemble, Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Oct 2019)
  • European Researchers' Night: Explorathon performance of 'Nocturne', Riverside Museum (Sep 2019)
  • Sound Festival composition residency with Red Note Ensemble, Aberdeen (Sep 2019)
  • Scottish Association for Music Education Conference 'Scottish Young Composers Project' poster presentation, University of Stirling (Sep 2019)
  • Sound Thought: Motion ‘Developing cross-cultural cello techniques’ presentation, University of Glasgow (Aug 2019)
  • International Percussion Institute Sound Lab premiere of ‘Sounds of Silence’, University of Aberdeen (Aug 2019)
  • Irish Composition Summer School premiere of ‘Slanting Moonlight’, DIT Conservatory of Music (July 2019)
  • 12th Annual Learning + Teaching Conference ‘Scottish Young Composers Project’ presentation, University of Glasgow (Apr 2019)
  • Sound Thought 2019 ‘Scottish Young Composers Project’ presentation, Centre for Contemporary Arts (Feb 2019)
  • RMA/BFE Research Students’ Conference workshop with Ligeti Quartet, University of Sheffield (Jan 2019)
  • Sound Thought 2018 premiere of ‘Dancing Shadows’ by Glasgow New Music Expedition, Centre for Contemporary Arts (Nov 2018)
  • Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium premiere of ‘The Way the Light Falls’, University of Oregon (July 2018)
  • Divergent Composition Studio premiere of ‘Civil Twilight’ by Neave Trio, Longy School of Music (June 2018)
  • College of Arts PG Conference 2018 ‘Cross-cultural Composition’ paper, University of Glasgow (May 2018)
  • Debussy in 2018: A Centenary Celebration workshops of ‘Shadows of the Afternoon’, University of Glasgow & Royal Northern College of Music (Mar 2018)
  • University of Glasgow workshops and premiere of ‘Close to the Bone’ by the Hermes Experiment, University of Glasgow (Feb 2018)
  • IV Bienal Música Hoje premiere of ‘Murmurations’ by Ensemble Móbile, Universidade Estadual do Paraná (July 2017)
  • Psappha Ensemble Composing for Flute Scheme premiere of ‘Nocturne’, Manchester (May 2017)


University of Glasgow Graduate Teaching Associate, Music (2017-present)

  • Musical Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century (2022)
  • Practical Instrumentation, Scoring, and Musicianship (2021-22) - co-designed with Dr. Drew Hammond
  • Music Summer School (2021) - co-designed with Dr. Drew Hammond
  • Orchestration (2019-21)
  • Composition in the Classroom (2017-20) - co-designed with Dr. Jane Stanley

Scottish Young Composers Project Co-Ordinator (2017-2020)

Sound Festival

  • Engaged Composer (Sep 2021-present)
  • Get Composing Sibelius Workshop Leader (Mar 2021)
  • Go Compose Assistant (Oct 2020)
  • Go Compose Assistant Composer (Oct 2019)

Chamber Music Scotland - Train and Sustain 2018 Project Leader


Additional Information


  • 'Best GTA' in the SRC Student Teaching Awards University of Glasgow (May 2021)
  • RLE Postgraduate Leadership Programme University of Glasgow (Apr 2021)
  • Level 3 Award in Project Management Chartered Management Institute (Mar 2020)
  • Associate Fellowship of Recognising Excellence in Teaching University of Glasgow (May 2018)

University of Glasgow

  • Student Panel Member Graduate School Review, MVLS (June 2022)
  • Course Leader - 'Introduction to Postgraduate Leadership' Research and Innovation Services, University of Glasgow (Oct 2021 & Apr 2022)
  • Project Administrator Scottish Gut Project (Apr 2022-present)
  • Student Panel Member Periodic Subect Review, Academic & Digital Development (Feb 2022)
  • Music Development Officer (cover) Music (Aug-Sep 2021)
  • Project Assistant The Dear Green Bothy (July 2021-present)
  • Student Panel Member Periodic Subject Review, Urban Studies (May 2021)
  • PhD Mentor PhD Society (Nov 2020-Nov 2021)
  • College of Arts Postgraduate Convenor University of Glasgow Students' Representative Council (Sep 2020-present)
  • GTA Committee Member University of Glasgow PhD Society (Jan 2020-Aug 2021)
  • Research Intern Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Service USIF Graduate Teaching Assistant Provision Project (Mar-Aug 2018)
  • Research Assistant LTDF Composition in the Classroom Toolkit Resource (Aug 2017 – Oct 2018)
  • Student Representative Postgraduate Resesarchers, Music (2017-2020)
  • Committee Chair Sound Thought (2017-present) 

Conference & Event Organisation 

  • Sound Thought @ Glasgow Science Festival Botanic Gardens (June 2022)
  • Sound Thought @ GLEAM University of Glasgow (June 2022)
  • The Dear Green Bothy Glasgow (June-Dec 2021)
  • Being Human Festival - Glasgow Festival COP26 Hub (Nov 2021)
  • Sound Thought @ The Dear Green Bothy - Soundwalk & Routed//In Green Channels University of Glasgow (Nov 2021)
  • Sound Thought @ European Researchers' Night, Explorathon University of Glasgow (Sep 2021)
  • Sound Thought: Metamorphosis University of Glasgow [online] (May 2021)
  • Sound Thought: Dawn University of Glasgow [online] (Feb 2021)
  • Sound Thought: Resolutions University of Glasgow (Dec 2020)
  • Sound Thought @ Curiosity Live Glasgow Science Centre (Nov 2019)
  • Sound Thought @ European Researchers' Night, Explorathon Riverside Museum (Sep 2019)
  • Sound Thought: Motion University of Glasgow (Aug 2019)
  • College of Arts Postgraduate Conference 'Divisions' Kelvin Hall (May 2019)
  • Sound Thought 2019 Centre for Contemporary Arts (Feb 2019)
  • Sound Thought 2018 Centre for Contemporary Arts (Nov 2018)
  • Sound Thought 2017 Centre for Contemporary Arts (May 2017)


  • Musicians' Union
  • University and College Union
  • QAA 'Decolonising the Curriculum in the Time of Pandemic' Steering Group
  • New Music Scotland
  • Scottish Music Centre
  • Glasgow Connected Arts Network
  • SaltSpace Cooperative
  • Glasgow Contemporary Music for All
  • Royal Musical Association
  • Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities