Julian Liu



Research title: An Exploration of Pedagogy Implication for Oracy Demands in Higher Education and ESL (English as a Second Language) Students

Research Summary

My PhD research aims at improving the pedagogy for oracy across disciplines in higher education. With more constructivist approaches to learning in university and more value on oral communication skills in the regimes of talk in workplaces, students' oracy matters for both process and product in higher eudcation. Students' talk and interaction are recognized as an important part of university learning. Giving the growing presence of international students studying in UK universities, it is pertinent to investigate how international students participate in the oracy demands of British higher education. 



2019. 11. SERA (Scottish Educational Research Association), individual paper: Chinese Students' Participation in Higher Education: The oracy demands of different disciplines


2020. 03. The dialogic symposium at the University of York, individual paper: Oracy Demands in a Social Science Course in Internationalised UK Higher Education 


2020. 09. BERA (British Educational Research Assoication), individual paper: Oracy Demands in Two disciplines in Internationalised Higher Education: Students' Perspectives on Classroom Interaction



GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistant)

Additional Information

I received my master's degree in the university of Glasgow before starting my PhD journey. For me, Glasgow is my second hometown and the university of Glasgow is the place where I dive into the ocean of academia.

I have broad research interests in:

  • sociology
  • sociolinguistics
  • applied linguistics
  • culture, pedagogy and identity
  • language learning and teaching
  • education, especially higher education, international and comparative education