Jingwei Song

Email: j.song.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Office: R682, St Andrew's Building, Glasgow G3 6NH

Research title: Assessing for learning in English language classrooms in China

Research Summary

Assessment practices in English language classrooms in China are influenced by the global and local educational context, assessment traditions and policy reforms. As a growing economy and a fast-changing society, China has undergone radical changes in politics, economy and international relationships. These changes have included reforms that seek to change and improve many aspects of language education, including curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices. This study seeks to understand whether and how these reforms have impacted on the conventional curriculum-pedagogy-assessment relationship in language classrooms in the Chinese context.

This study aims to investigate ‘assessment for learning’ practices in English language classrooms in Shenzhen city, China, in the context of the new ‘Zhongkao’ (senior high school entrance examination) reform in Shenzhen. The study will contribute to understandings of how English language teachers are responding to the new assessment policy, and teacher agency in policy-borrowing more broadly. The findings will contribute to understandings of how ‘assessment for learning’, a borrowed educational concept, is interpreted in the pedagogic culture of Chinese classrooms, and how teachers approach this concept in the Chinese context.

The study is designed as case studies of six teachers and their classes. Firstly, it explores teachers’ current practices through classroom observations over two weeks. Secondly, it explores teachers’ understanding of different assessment concepts and their own assessment values through interviews before and after the observations. Thirdly, it invites teachers’ comments on current assessment policy and policy changes and whether their practices have changed in accordance with the current assessment policy reforms.


2018 China Scholarship Council-University of Glasgow Jointly Funded (full scholarship)

2015 IOE-Waseda International Student Exchange Support Programme Scholarship (80,000 yen) 


Song, J. (2020) Assessing for Learning in English Language Classrooms in Shenzhen, China. NAFOL/HVL/NorTED conference, 20 -21 October 2020.

Additional Information

Educational background

2018 to date: PhD candidate, University of Glasgow, UK

2015 - 2016: MA TESOL (pre-service), University College London, UK

2011 - 2015: BA English, Sichuan International Studies University, China