Jamie Arathoon

Email: j.arathoon.1@research.gla.ac.uk


Personal Website: www.jamiearathoon.com 

Research title: Doing non-visual geographies: the guide-dog human relationship

Research Summary

Research Title:

'Care and Companionship: Human-assistance-animal lifeworlds'

Current Research:

My PhD research sits at the cross-section of the fields of animal and disability geographiesand aims to explore the lived experiences of assistance dogs and their owners. This work is being undertaken with the charity Dog AID, who train people to train their pets to be asisstance animals. To do so the research adopts a multi-species ethnographic approach comprising interviews (various forms), observation, video-recording, an online survey, spatial mapping, and media analysis. The project has a number of aims:

  • How care is understood, embodied, and experienced across the species divide.
  • How care crosses the species divide.
  • To understand what narrative accounts of human participants tells us about animal welfare.
  • To understand the influence assistance-dog partnership has on mental health and wellbeing.

I am also working on a project around the Geographies of Pet Theft with Colleagues from Keele University (Dr Daniel Allen and Adam Peacock).

Research Interests:

  • Animal Geographies; Disability Geographies; Health Geographies; Medical Humanities; Animal Training; Assistance Animals; Ethnomethodology; Mental Health; Multi-species Ethnography; Nature-encounters; Pet Theft.


Journal Articles

Allen, D., Peacock, A. and Arathoon, J. (2019) Spatialities of pet theft: A critical perspective. Animals, 9(5), doi:10.3390/ani9050209 



  • ESRC SGSSS Studentship in Human Geography (2018-2021)


Tutor: Level 1 Geography

Lab Leader: Level 1 Geography

Lab Leader: Level 2 Qualitative Methods

MSc Global Challenges