Iain Hardie


Research title: ‘The Impact of Universal Credit rollout on homelessness in Local Authorities in Scotland and England’

Research Summary

PhD Abstract:

A county’s welfare system can have a profound impact on the housing security of its citizens. Adequate provision of housing allowances can act as a ‘buffer’ that prevents an automatic association between job loss, or persistent low income, and loss of housing. In the UK, Universal Credit (UC) rollout represents a major change to the welfare system. It’s long wait periods, increased conditionality and monthly direct payments have led to concerns over its housing security impact. This PhD study uses quantitative research methods to measure the impact of UC rollout on housing security. A fixed effects panel design is used, linking local authority level data on UC rollout with data on landlord repossession rates, homelessness rates and rates of advice given by Citizens Advice on housing insecurity issues.


Research Interests:

  • Universal Credit
  • Welfare Reform
  • Housing Security 
  • Panel Data Analysis


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Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) +3 Studentship


Graduate Teaching Assistant:

  • Social and Public Policy 1B: Understanding Glasgow in a Globalised World: Social Problems and Policy Responses


Additional Information


  • University of Aberdeen: MA (Hons) in Economics (First Class Honours)
  • University of Dundee: MSc in Social Research Methods (Population and Welfare)