George Prew

Research title: The Archaeology of Fashion in the Central Italic Iron Age

Research Summary

My research analysises funerary dress to present new narratives of changes to communities and urban formation in the central Italic Iron Age (c.900-500BCE). This analyses uses a new method which is adapted from multiple existing approaches to the analysis of funerary material, dress, and funerary dress.

In this research, I apply elements of sensory analysis, body mapping, and materials analysie alongside more traditional, object-based approaches to funerary analysis, to the published material from multiple central Italic Iron Age cemeteries. This allows for a much more full view of the dress, and of the dressed corpse, as it might have been experienced in its original context, during the funerary ritual.


2021 Prehistoric Society Grant Award

2019-2022 Glasgow School of Arts Postgraduate Scholarship


"The Kaleidoscopic Corpse: A Multifaceted Approach to the study of Iron Age Funerary Dress at Osteria dell’Osa" Later Prehistoric Finds Group Conference 2020

"How to Dress a Corpse: Funerary Dress and the Construction of the Funeral at Gabii and Osteria dell’Osa" American Institute of Archaeology Conference 2021

"Corpse, Costume, and Community: Reconstructing Social Organisation through Funerary Dress at Iron Age Osteria dell’Osa" Central Mediterranean Prehistory Seminar 2021

"Woman of the House? Funerary Dress and Feminine Power in Iron Age Central ItalyEuropean Association of Archaeologists Conference 2021


Archaeology of Scotland (Archaeology 1A)

Archaeology in the Modern World (Archaeology 1B)

Twenty Things that Changed the World (Archaeology 2A)