Fionn Bernthal


Research title: Minimising adverse effects of conservation: Ecological effects of restoration of salmon carcasses to upland streams

Research Summary

Research interests

My research interests focus on resource subsidies, the flow of nutrients and energy between ecosystems, and how this can result in life history consequences by altering patterns of growth through resource provisioning.

Current research

My PhD research examines the potential consequences of upland stream nutrient remediation on juvenile Atlantic salmon. Using in situ field experiments, I am interested in the potential of nutrient remediation as a conservation tool for fisheries management. My research involves testing the impacts of a range of nutrient application methods and how these may affect juvenile salmon growth, body condition and density. I also examine the impacts these nutrient application methods have on stream macroinvertebrate communities. I am also interested in how changes in salmon growth as a result of nutrients may have unintended consequences, such as earlier maturation.



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NoWPas 2020 (Oral presentation)

NoWPaS 2021 (Oral presentation)