Federica Agostini


Research title: The law of sustainable securitisations

Research Summary

My research interests span several areas within corporate law. Throughout my two master degrees, I have developed a particular interest for the intersection of law and finance with environmental issues. Therefore, I have decided to delve into CSR and sustainable corporate governance in my Italian Master dissertation and into “green” financial instruments during my Master and PHD in Glasgow. I have also took part in the Finance and Social Justice Project at the University of Glasgow, which carried on research on the impact of ECB’s and Banca D’Italia’s monetary policy on climate change https://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/law/research/themes/corporate/financeandsocialjustice/. Our work has led to the publication of a policy brief (https://www.gla.ac.uk/media/Media_723215_smxx.pdf) and of a blogpost.

My current doctoral project investigates the current and potential regulatory framework supporting green securitisation. It situates within the ongoing discussion on the need to realign capital flows with the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement. In particular, it draws from several examples of securitisation deals delivering environmental benefits and from the limited regulatory initiatives on the subject. It hence sheds light on the potential of securitisation as a crucial financing tool to advance sustainable development goals. Therefore, my thesis addresses three main questions:

- What makes securitisation deals green?

- What is the added value of green securitisation for sustainable finance agenda?

- What is the optimal legal framework for green securitisation? What are the optimal contractual clauses and financial laws which can support its development?

You can find out more about my research interests and activities on my Linkedin profile.



Conference papers

- From “green bond principles” to “green bond covenants”: mitigating “greenwashing” through contract law, Dublin Law and Politics Review (under peer-review)


Blog posts 

- Why a Recent Judgment by the German Bundesverfassungsgericht Might Introduce Climate Change Considerations into Monetary Policy, European Law Blog and Oxford Business Law Blog



2014-2020: Excellence Programme Collegio di Merito Bernardo Clesio (Trento, Italy)

2020-2021: Fondazione Felice Gianani Award


- Dublin Postgraduate Conference on Sustainable Finance, 18th March 2020

- "The Future of the Commercial Contract in Scholarship and Law Reform", London Centre for Commercial and financial law 16th October 2020

- ILA (International Law Association) Biennial Conference, 9th December 2020

- Climate Exp0

- International Sustainable Development Research Society, July 2021


Research and Teaching Associate supporting the Corporate and Financial Law Research Group. I teach in several courses at Bachelor's Level

  • Business Organisations (LL.B.)
  • Commercial Law (LL.B.)
  • Business Law, Adam Smith Business School

I also support teaching delivery and the coordination of students within the Finance and Social Justice Project, an extracurricular activity on sustainable finance for LL.M. students.