Ewan Brady


Research title: The impacts on families and children of long-term private renting

Research Summary

This PhD investigates the outcomes of long-term private renting for families and children in the UK, in collaboration with the Urban Big Data Centre and the UK Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE).

Using longitudinal data, the research will analyse socio-economic, educational and health outcomes, among others, for those with experience in the private rental sector (PRS).

The research explores many aspects of the lived experience in the PRS, including tenure insecurity, power and agency and ontological security. Coupled with analysis of housing markets, government policy and patterns of tenure change, this project will assess how the effects of long-term exposure to the PRS affects those within it, and why.  


Research interests:

  • Poverty and inequality 
  • Housing and urban planning
  • Social policy 


University of Glasgow College of Social Sciences Scholarship

Additional Information

Educational and professional background in social research and urban planning, primarily working on:

  • Labour markets
  • Education and skills
  • Urban policy
  • Development strategy
  • Green-space and climate-change adaptation strategy