Ethel Tshukudu


Research title: Adopting a comprehension-first pedagogy for programming in a national school system

Research Summary

As Computer Science students progress with their education, they are expected to program using programming concepts found in different programming languages. My research aims to uncover how students gradually transfer and improve their understanding of these concepts as they switch languages. I have developed a model of programming language transfer for relative novices and I am also investigating a transfer teaching strategy aligned with this model predictions that will enhance second programming language learning outcomes.


  • Local organising committee: 14th Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education (WiPSCE'19), Glasgow, Scotland, 23-25 Oct 2019
  • Session Chair: CSEdgrad Conference
  • Paper presentation: Cambridge Computing Education Research Symposium, 2020.



Computing Science 1F- Computing Fundamentals (Tutor)




Additional Information

Raspberry Pi newsletter put a spotlight on my research on conceptual transfer in programming languages.

My research featured in the The National Centre for Computing Education blog whichis and organisation that marks a significant investment in improving the provision of computing education in England.

Part-time researcher on the CSEd project  under the SageFox Consulting Group.