Danielle Fatzinger


Research title: Eoghan MacGilleoin, Mr Lachlann Campbell, and Col. Cailean Campbell: Manuscript Production in Kintyre c. 1690-1698

Research Summary

From 1690-1698, Eoghan MacGilleoin (Hugh Maclean) wrote four Gaelic manuscripts in Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland. Three of these manuscripts were written for patrons: two for Col. Colin Campbell of the Campbells of Kilberry (bef. 1670-1714) and one for Mr Lachlan Campbell (1675-1707/8), minister of Campbeltown and son of John Campbell of Kildalloig. This thesis examines the context of the manuscripts' production and considers them within the contemporary social, political, linguistic, and literary landscape. This research highlights the importance of these manuscripts, which contain unique copies of some poems and prose tales, contain the earliest copies of some texts, and represent a significant amount of the surviving corpus of Early Modern Scottish Gaelic manuscripts. The thesis defends MacGilleoin's ability as a scribe within contemporary linguistic and literary transitions against previous scholarship that has leaned largely negative. Knowledge of the patrons, gained from a number of archival documents, is expanded and examined to consider the motivations for the production of the manuscripts and how, if at all, the contents of the manuscripts relate to their patrons' lives and interests. A thematic analysis is also completed on one of the manuscripts, which has a large variety and number of texts, as part of an initial literary consideration of its contents.


Research Support Award | 2018 | £136 | Research trip to the Inveraray Castle Archive

Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies Seedcorn Funding | 2019 | £155 | Manuscript digitisation

Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies Scottish History Endowment | 2019 | £375 | International Congress of Celtic Studies

McCaig Trust Postgraduate Research Support Award | 2019 | £316 | Research trips to the Live Argyll Archives and the National Library of Scotland


Celtic Students Conference | March 2019 | ‘I am much teased with the Irish’: Eoghan MacGilleoin (Hugh Maclean), Lachlan Campbell, and Gaelic Manuscript Production in Kintyre c. 1690-1710

International Congress of Celtic Studies | July 2019 | Manuscript Production in Kintyre: Eoghan MacGilleoin and his Clan Campbell Patrons (c. 1690-1700)

This PhD Life Symposium | October 2020 and January 2021 | Knowledge and Balance via Informal Writing

Friends of the Argyll Papers Seminar Series | May 2021 | Manuscript Production in Kintyre c. 1690-1700: Eoghan MacGilleoin and his Clan Campbell Patrons 



University of Glasgow | Graduate Teaching Assistant | 2018-2019, 2020-2021 | Celtic Civilisation 1A and 1B

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