Dan Cruickshank

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Research title: “Hitler has created a resurrection of the German people”: Perceptions of the Third Reich in the Church of England, 1933-1945

Research Summary

My research seeks to examine how people in the Church of England, from the local layperson to the Archbishop, understood the Third Reich. It explores what attitudes they took, or cautioned against, in response to the regime. In researching these questions I examine how English church people’s perceptions of the regime related to the situation in Germany, considering how well informed the Church was, how and why views of the regime often departed from the reality in Germany and the occupied territories during the war. In exploring these questions, I investigate whether recent research showing that support and opposition to Fascism more generally and the Third Reich specifically were not binary choices, but often existed concurrently within individuals also applies to the Church of England.


  • Dan Cruickshank, From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: Ritualism and Anglo-Catholicism in the Evidence of the Royal Commission into Ecclesiastical Discipline, 1904-6. London: Anglo-Catholic History Society, 2018.
  • Dan Cruickshank, ““Remember that in this land there [are] two kingdoms”: The Church of England’s Theology of Church and State in the First World War” in Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte 31 (2018): 131-145.
  • Forthcoming Publications:

  • Dan D. Cruickshank. The Theology and Ecclesiology Behind the Prayer Book Crisis. Palgrave Macmillan, 2019 [in press]
  • Dan D. Cruickshank, “Ritualism, Ecclesiology and Royal Commissions in Late Nineteenth- and early Twentieth-Century England” in Studies in Church History 56 (2020) [in press]


  • TRS1007 The God Question
  • TRS2002 Christian Traditions and Transformations

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  • Anglo-Catholic History Society – Board Member
  • Ecclesiastical History Society