Chimwemwe Chagunda


Twitter: @Chimchagunda


College of Social Sciences, School of Interdisciplinary Studies,

Rutherford/Mccowan Building, Dumfries, DG1 4ZL, Scotland


Research Title: Exploring the Legacy of Farmer-Visitor Social Interactions through Agritourism


Research Summary

In this interdisciplinary research, I am exploring the legacy of farmer-visitor social interactions and behavioural change.  I am focusing specifically on the contacts, processes and outcomes of social interactions and if such encounters in agritourism experiences influence change in visitors’ purchasing behaviour of locally produced food. 

A qualitative research design, employing Netnographic techniques and I hope the work will lead to a better understanding of the legacy of agritourism experience, beyond farm-gate and its contribution to the local food systems and economy.


Chagunda, C., and Gillespie, S. 2018. Towards a better Understanding of Motivations and Challenges in Family Farm Diversification into Agritourism Accommodation Enterprises. Proceedings at 10th World Conference of Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure. Turkey, 3rd October 2018.

Chagunda, C., Gillespie, S. and Borthwick, D. 2018. Impact of Farmer-Tourist Social Interactions through Agritourism. Proceedings at 10th World Conference of Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure. Turkey, 3rd October 2018.

Additional Information

Originally from Malawi, now in Germany. I have lived in different countries, including Canada, USA, Denmark and the UK.

I have worked for various organisations, such as the Malawi Mission to the United Nations (New York), National Museums Scotland (NMS) and Wetland & Wildfowl Trust (WWT) in Scotland. As a lecturer with SRUC, I taught two modules in Activity Tourism Management. I worked as a Business and Development officer for the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere in Scotland. Here, I engaged with SMEs in the tourism sector to develop their products and services based on sustainable principles of UNESCO Biospheres. I have also volunteered for the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) engaging with primary and secondary school pupils on issues relating to sustainable food production and consumption as well as health and wellbeing.

What started as an alternative pathway of a discontinued undergraduate tourism programme, has over the years developed into a research interest in the complexity within and between agriculture and tourism. I hold a Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Administration from Centennial College (Toronto, Canada), a First-Class Honours BA in Food Tourism Management from SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College) and an MSc in Tourism, Heritage & Sustainability (Merit) from the University of Glasgow School of Interdisciplinary Studies.