Arthur Pascal Vincent Ehlinger


Research title: Live Music Streaming and the Contemporary Music Industries

Research Summary

My project focuses on exploring the ways in which musicians are using Twitch as a platform for building and engaging with audiences, and the implications of this for the music industry. With the growth of live streaming platforms, the music industry is experiencing a significant shift in the way music is created, distributed and consumed. This research aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of this trend and its impact on the industry.


Ehlinger, A. and Markey, J. (2022) Stream of conscience? Live music streaming: utility, capital and control. International Journal of Music Business Research, 11(1), pp. 29-42. (doi: 10.2478/ijmbr-2022-0005)


- Resonate Glasgow 2022

- Challenge and Change in Popular Music (IASPM)

- 12th International Music Business Research Days (IJMBR)

- Social and Digital Change: Digital Technology and Pandemic (UofG)

- PlayAway Games Festival 2021 (Tinderbox)


- Listening in Culture

- Popular Music Research

- Working in Music